Bar Bon Cougar 80% Albino & Dark Hybrid Chocolate


Origin of cacao: Mexico & Honduras

Albino cacao beans, organic cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, natural vanilla
No gluten, soy, dairy, additives, preservatives, emulsifiers or artificial flavors.
100% Vegan.



         Shipping from Miami

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Its light-brown cougar-like colour and its hazelnut taste might mislead you into thinking you’re eating a hazelnut milk chocolate bar. Yet, there are no dairy and no nuts in any of Barbon’s products. Albino cacao, also known as Theobroma bicolor, has a natural taste of peanuts and cashew. But when mixed with traditional dark cacao beans you get this unique hazelnut creamy taste. This 80% hybrid is healthy, with very little sugar and no dairy, and yet, it gives you the same satisfaction as the one you ate in your childhood.

Try it with an espresso or some scotch.


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