Sample Box #2 | Bakata Chips + Twigs Naturals Tea


This Small Sample Box includes:

  • 1 Sample Bakata Chips Packet
  • 2 Distinct Samples of Twigs Naturals Tea
  • Chips flavors: Plantain, Cassava
  • Tea flavors: Amber Tea, Bamboo Tea, Moringa Tea, Carnelian Tea, Mint Tea, Caribbean Christmas Tea

*The products in the gift box image are for representational purposes only. Please refer to the product description for the actual products.

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Bakata Plantain Chips

  • Naturally flavored plantain chips
  • Made with palm olein and salt.
  • A natural product suitable for vegans

Bakata Cassava Chips

  • Cassava snacks with garlic and chia flavor
  • Rich in fiber
  • Zero cholesterol
  • High in vitamin C
  • 100% vegetable origin
  • Made from palm olein

Twigs Naturals Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea has a very pleasant flavor, with light hay notes and no bitterness at all. It leaves a lightly sweet and somewhat vegetative aftertaste. Moringa is a leafy tree that originated in the Indian subcontinent where it is also known by a variety of names, including drumstick tree and tree pea.

Twigs Naturals Bamboo Tea

Springing from the banks of a river that weaves through a tropical rainforest are lush pillars of bamboo. This is the experience when you have a cup of Twigs Naturals Bamboo Tea as the delicate liquor engages the tastebuds. The leaves have a mild, slightly vegetative taste, which provides a warm sense of well-being. You’ll notice the smoothness of the liquor as it slides down your throat and warms your body, a sensation that you won’t find in many other teas. Your senses are awakened as your mind settles back into a state of calm and serenity. This tea is also caffeine-free, making it the perfect pick-me-up for those long days at the office.

Twigs Naturals Carnelian Tea with Orange Peels and West Indian Bay leaf

West Indian Bay Leaves are widely used in the West Indies and the Southern United States and are known for their beautiful aroma.

Orange peels, also used in the West Indies, have a full-bodied, sweet, citrus taste.

These two natural ingredients give Twigs Naturals Carnelian Tea a multisensory experience delivered via a unique blend of rich flavour and fragrance. This is the perfect tea if you enjoy the rich flavour without the caffeine, added artificial flavours or fillers. 

Twigs Naturals Mint Tea

Twigs Naturals Mint Tea isn’t your average herbal tea. This peppermint/spearmint blend is a Silver Medal Winner at the Global Tea Championships of 2017. Add hot water to this duo-toned herbal tea with herbs grown at the foothills of the mountainous, Northern Range Rainforest in Trinidad and you’ll enjoy the naturally refreshing flavor.

This tea is great for soothing your palate, mind and body. Try it iced for a refreshing summer beverage or add honey for a sweet treat. It’s the perfect tea to brew and drink on a warm day or to enjoy in the evening.

Twigs Naturals Herbal Caribbean Christmas Tea with Wild Hibiscus and Anise Seeds

With Twigs Naturals Caribbean Christmas Tea the yuletide season lasts all year. Our Bronze Medal winner at the Global Tea Championships of 2017 is a delicious, full-bodied, caffeine-free herbal blend that contains no added flavours, colours, preservatives or fillers. 

We combine Wild Hibiscus with Anise seeds to create a warm, tangy and floral flavour base with notes of spicy liquorice. The Wild Hibiscus adds a tangy sensation to the tea while the Anise adds a touch of sweetness. The result is a uniquely delicious tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold. One serving will go a long way and will make the most wonderful Christmas gift at any time of year.

Twigs Naturals  Amber Tea with Lemongrass and Ginger

Twigs Naturals Amber Tea is a deliciously different way to enjoy lemongrass and ginger flavors all in the convenience of a single tea bag. The amber-colored infusion presents the warmth of ginger with rich notes of lemongrass for an aromatic brew. Amber Tea real ginger and selected lemongrass leaves with no added flavors, fillers, or caffeine. The result is a fresh and flavourful tea that is great for the morning, afternoon or any time of day.

Potential benefits of lemongrass and ginger tea include treating nausea, anxiety, inflammation and even some cancers. Both herbs also show antimicrobial activity.


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