Causes KaoXue Chocolates SAS (Bonbonbee) Support

Animal Protection and Rescue
Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
Climate and Environmental Change
Plastic Pollution
support to post-conflict communities in Colombia.
Export Markets:
  • Green markets
  • healthy markets
  • specialized chocolate shops
  • gourmet stores
  • organic markets

KaoXue Chocolates SAS (Bonbonbee)

Mieliefera and Kaoxue, join forces to obtain a unique product for a, particularly sweet moment. Our chocolates filled with honey with different flavors are a sample of the great teamwork. Our product transforms the way of consuming chocolates with social, environmental, and preservation sense for endangered animals, providing a consumer experience that includes germinable packaging. Help the bees from your home, make the change, sweeten your days by sowing life.

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KaoXue Chocolates SAS (Bonbonbee) Products