Luis Vives Gonzalez | FOUNDER OF CAFÉ DIVINO

We were born with a love for nature and a commitment to following a legendary family tradition. We are Café Divino.

More than a specialty coffee, we are a product that shares the love and respect for our culture, for our people. A high-quality Colombian coffee that has captured the love – and tastebuds – of the Colombian people and now, we are going to expand worldwide, so can we capture the hearts of the rest of the world.

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is a unique and special region in the world because, thanks to its characteristics of thermal floors, fauna, and flora, we can grow some of the finest coffee in the world.

Therefore, our responsibility to care for and preserve it is our main objective. For each harvest, we’ve planted native trees, allowing us to have coffee grown in the shade.

We invite you to enjoy and be  surprised by the unique and magic flavor of Café Divino.


Café Divino is much more than a good cup of coffee, it’s the opportunity to impact the growth of a single region in the world.

It’s your chance to choose a healthier, environmentally responsible product with unique flavors that surprise your palate.

This is what we love to share, the good that originates in Colombia exclusively for you.

– Luis Vives Gonzalez




Heaven of Joy


Cafe Divino SAS


Responsible Consumption Production


Buying directly from farmers
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Our purpose is to contribute to the well-being and health of people by encouraging the consumption of a quality product, without sweeteners, without preservatives, and only 100% selected beans.

In addition, as local producers, roasters, and marketers of our coffee, we   are investing in the region, and we  contribute to the growth and economic development of each of the collaborators of our farms. Also, we promote agribusiness with other neighboring farms of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

This eco-friendly system allows us to host and conserve biodiversity, protect the environment, aid in rainwater retention, and contribute to oxygen production. Furthermore, our system stimulates the local economy.

We have planted 1500+ trees. We are committed to the environment. Every year, during our coffee planting process, we also plant native trees to protect the natural ecosystem of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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