Chocolate Sierra Sagrada
Andrea Díaz Ovalle & Marco Caraballo Pérez | FOUNDERS OF SIERRA SAGRADA

Chocolate Sierra Sagrada was born from the idea of the Biologist Marco Caraballo Pérez and the Industrial Microbiologist Andrea Paola Díaz Ovalle, who have been passionate about chocolate since they were children, they begin to rehearse in the kitchen of their house with cocoa beans brought from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, finding very special flavors and aromas, never perceived.

Between one test and another, they make the decision to found C & D CACAO SAS, a family business located in Santa Marta, Colombia.

In addition to dedicating itself 100% to the production and marketing of high-quality premium dark chocolate, sees in the business the opportunity to make the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta territory much more known as a sacred place for its protection and care, since one of the main reasons is that there are four indigenous peoples descended from the ancient Tayronas (Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwas and Kankuamos), considered brother towns that have protected, preserved and guarded their natural riches for millennia, but additionally pay tributes or spiritual payments to mother earth for its balance, in very special places of the mountainous massif, among others, in gratitude for crops such as cocoa.

Reflecting on this aboriginal task so little known in the Western world, we understood that through cocoa and chocolate we could transmit this important message from the “Heart of the World” to a more aware and responsible food society and that we could also contribute to improving part of the quality of life of small producers by making direct purchases at a fair price for special high-quality lots in each harvest and that in this purpose it was also possible to include peasant farmers who, like indigenous people, develop friendly organic and agroecological production practices with the environment and that at some point in their lives they left illicit crops to dedicate themselves to cocoa as a means of livelihood.

It is for this reason that our products focus on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta origin, in addition to the fact that we can mention other notable characteristics, such as being the highest intertropical coastal mountain in Colombia and on the planet and the fifth highest summit in the world.

The Sierra Nevada is declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere and Man Reserve and in its vicinity is located the National Natural Park that bears the same name and adjacent to it the Tayrona National Natural Park, both areas are exuberant in biodiversity, endemic to species of fauna and flora, having functioned as a refuge since the Pleistocene.


The sacred secret of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in a chocolate bar!


– Andrea Díaz Ovalle & Marco Caraballo




50 Amigas




Cafe Divino SAS


Buying Directly From Farmers
sustainable packaging

C & D CACAO SAS contributes to improving part of the quality of life of small producers by making direct purchases and at a fair price for special high-quality lots in each harvest. The elaboration of this real chocolate is done under the bean to bar concept, where from the farm visit, collection and manual selection of grains play an important role, to the luxurious detail of its manual wrapping.

We are convinced that through cocoa and chocolate life in the countryside can be positively impacted, making known the natural, cultural and social values of this mointainous massif, gererating harmonious development in the territory, peace, permanence and opportunities for the future generation at the same time, to have a greater commitment to the “Heart of the World” irreplaceable place on the planet.

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