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Camesha Morton, Randy Morton | FOUNDERS OF NATURE'S BEST

I encountered an issue with my hair, hence I visited the doctor who told me that there is no cure or treatment for such issues due to the fact that they’ve never treated this type of issues prior. I then decided to do some research that could assist me in identifying the root cause of my problem.

After in depth research I concluded that the condition was known as follicuiltis. I then sought to find the best possible natural remedy to resolve my issue. After enrolling in Holistic herbal products, and Organic Skincare courses I was then able to formulate a product to address my issue. The product worked exceptionally well, I went from washing my hair 3 times weekly to once a month sometimes over 1 month.

I thought if I could resolve my own issue, it would be possible to help others as well. This is how Nature’s Best came into existence.

nature's best


“Healthy Body = Healthy Life”

– Camesha Morton





Nature's Best

We aim at assisting persons with various skin and hair issues, such as: eczema, psoriasis, seborrich dermatitis, acne, amongst others, by utilizing locally available herbs, majority of which we grow ourselves without the use of chemical fertilizers or pestisides, by manfacture a wide variety of Skin Hair and wellness products

By utilizing locally grown raw materials it reduces importation, creates employment and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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