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Poverty and Hunger
Quality Education
Youth Empowerment
Animal Protection and Rescue
Domestic Violence

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  1. Portfolio

    We have more than 300 specialized products of different categories and compositions.

  2. Advice

    We provide personalized advice with an expert team in the market and nutrition that will help you achieve your goals.

  3. Innovation

    We are a technology-based company, if you are a customer you can buy in our e-commerce from anywhere in Colombia.

  4. Vanguard

    Our catalog grows continuously, you will have access to the latest, most popular and best priced products on the market.

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Since 2008, in association with small cacao producers from different COLOMBIA regions, we produce and sell premium chocolate.

We focus on DARK CHOCOLATE BARS, COATED CHOCOLATE NUTS and 100% CHOCOLATE BARS to prepare hot chocolate, without blends, or additions.

In order to obtain an excellent product, we work with our partners to improve their crops and post-harvest techniques, as well as to strengthen their organizations.

We are the ally of healthy stores in the region

Our goal is to be a growth pillar for small and medium-sized companies that produce and market healthy products.

Our Product Categories

Babies and Children
Cleaning Products

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