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Zero Hunger
Gender Equality
Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Terra Dulce Chocolates

Our company has born to make a difference and transform lives.   Terra Dulce Chocolates has a sustainability objective that is reflected in every stage of the chocolate making process, from purchasing and supporting local suppliers, to promote collaborative economies, to the materials we use for our packaging, we only use recyclable or environmentally friendly materials.   One of the purposes of our company is to generate employment in our region, known as the coffee triangle of Colombia, with poverty levels close to 30%, mainly focused on agriculture as its major economic activity, there are few companies that transform and add value to those agricultural products. The department of Quindío, where our plant is located, has been in the ranking of the departments with the highest unemployment rates in Colombia with levels around 18%, and during the pandemic year the levels have reached 29%. Thus, when you buy Terra Dulce products, you have the certainty that you are contributing to employment generation and poverty reduction; especially within young people, Terra Dulce gives not only a job but the opportunity to grow and educate.   Agriculture is our second cause, we support families to get trained in the best practices regarding the cocoa harvesting and post harvesting process, so that they can sell their high quality cocoa at fair prices and without intermediaries. Terra Dulce pays its producers up to 50% more than the regular price. We promote FAIR TRADE by paying premium prices to our cocoa producers, guarantying the absence of child labor and promoting sustainable agroforestry to conserve the environment in cocoa-growing areas.

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